top bot
Top Bot is (was**) an asynchronous multiplayer racing game for iOS. Its kind of a mashup of Jetpack Joyride and Mario Kart, and its the project I'm most proud to have been a part of. It also happens to be the most fun thing I've ever helped create.

Here's a video of the evolution of the Top Bot. You can see what it looked like at roughly three week intervals over the course of the yearlong project.

Created with Jeremy Pope and Mike Lang at Rally Games.
My Role: Level Design, Game Design, Programming.
Made with Cocos2D + Box2D.

** Sadly, we could no longer afford to keep the servers running, so we had to remove Top Bot from the App Store. If you are lucky enough to run into me on the street, I'll show you the bot customization and tutorial, which still work, and are one hell of a good time.